Monday, July 19, 2010

Venue Spotlight: Legion of Honor, San Francisco

Image credit: Flory Photo

Quintessential San Francisco, The Legion of Honor has everything you could possibly want in a venue for your Big Day, should you host a city wedding: romance, fine art and views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The Legion was built as a three-quarter representation of the Palais de la L├ęgion d'Honneur in Paris. There is no other location in the world in which you can have a seated reception among Rodin Sculptures—we can just imagine! And should you choose to have your ceremony on the Balustrade Lawn, your guests will ooh-and-aah at the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Marin Headlands, and the Pacific Ocean.

For many years, the Legion of Honor did not allow private, social events such as weddings. But being such a huge part of San Francisco culture, they’re now honored to be able to host private events. Dani Lamas, Events Manager, loves to hear why couples choose the Legion. “Memories of viewing the exhibits with their family, where they met, where they got engaged, we truly become a part of their lives and they want to celebrate their love here with art and culture.” she tells us.
Image Credit Above Right: Anabelle Wedding- Liz Edlund

If you choose the Legion, expect to communicate with one person from beginning to end when it comes to making decisions about your wedding there. Dani will take your first phone call or email and will be present on the day of the wedding. “In the those planning months, we are happy to suggest vendors to fit each client’s wishes and vision of the day,” she explains, as they have built many quality relationships with local wedding vendors.
Image credit: Drew Alitzer for the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
Because the space is so beautiful and special, Dani tells us about some of the unique events they’ve hosted. “We have been honored to host events for dignitaries, royalty, celebrities and many others. As a nonprofit, our development team plans events to raise funds for our exhibitions and further our museum.” Though she doesn’t forget to mention, the most special of events are when a couple meets at the end of the aisle ready to embark are their new lives together. Now, that is special…!

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