Friday, January 14, 2011

Vendor Spotlight: Crave Bakery, San Francisco

These days, there are so many options for delicious baked goods and wedding cakes. Thank goodness for bakeries like Crave Bakery which caters to gluten-, casein- and wheat-free baked goods. Cameo Edwards, owner of Crave Bakery, opened the bakery after facing her own difficult health issues that were not easy to decipher by any doctor. It was during a trip to Thaliand that she realized she’d never felt better. She experimented with a gluten-free diet, alas it worked, and thus she was forced to learn a new way of cooking and baking. In 2003, she created an ideal wheat-free brownie which satisfied her craving for the sweets she’d been missing out on. That brownie was the turning point: Crave Bakery was born.

After 5 years of developing her wholesale business which now has a presence in 12 states, she brought in Allison Hobson to help form Crave's custom cake branch, creating delicious and beautiful allergen-free masterpieces. In these last 2 years, they've begun branching out from gluten-free to embrace combinations also of vegan, dairy-, cassein-, sugar-, and soy-free cakes and cupcakes. Allison received an advanced degree in Culinary Arts and Baking & Pastry from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Fully embracing this experience, she apprenticed for nearly five years with Cecile Gady, one of the top cake innovators, Cakework, in San Francisco. Her two years working with Elizabeth Faulkner at Citizen Cake also prepared her for her star role with Crave Bakery. Cameo says Allison is easy to work with, syncing clients’ visions and her creative drive to make the most special cake imaginable.

Crave Bakery focuses in on what they consider the centerpiece of the wedding reception, working with the bride and groom to create an ideal and yet healthy fit to the aesthetic of their plans for their most perfect day. “The planning and the care that goes into the cakes and cupcakes is a joyful process and there is a sense of teamwork,” says Cameo. As for their inspirations in the kitchen, Cameo says she personally is inspired by the continuing aspirations of branching out into a more allergen-free line of products; something sweet and elegant for every occasion. “Everyone deserves a celebratory sweet!” she exclaims.

So what can you expect from working with Crave Bakery? Besides a wedding cake or baked good that can satisfy just about any food-sensitive need, Crave has been working diligently to brining the sweet to the discerning and sensitive sweet tooth for seven years. Providing wedding and celebratory cakes and cupcakes to the gluten-intolerant and allergen-free community now for the last two years, Crave is deeply dedicated and doing their very best to support a growing need. Totally Bridebound approved!

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