Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: California Rose Catering

Dov Sims, Executive Chef and COO of California Rose Catering (CRC) is a great example of a local, family run and generational business. Started in the 80s by Dov’s mother, Rose, he remembers waking up as a kid at 6am and helping to pack trucks with grills, coolers and other kitchen equipment. He joined in 2001 and helped transform the business into a premier events catering company. Their first catered wedding was in 2002 and they haven’t looked back since!

So what makes his company tick? “The staff. They’re the reason we are who we are. All my managers have been with us for more than eight years. The dedication comes through at each event.”

CRC offers more than just food and service. They have gained a great reputation over the past several years, not only for their food, but because they work the pricing around budget-minded couples, which happens to be almost everybody these days. And couples work directly with the owners with no middle men. The attention paid to each couple is direct and prompt. Their attitude is far from corporate because their company is a family company, so couples can feel safe and secure when working with them: “We allow couples to really take part in the creation of their wedding, not just in the menu, but in the entire production.” And 50% of the time, he introduces foods that couples and guests have never eaten, and if they have, not in the form that he presents.

So if you’re not convinced yet, here another reason why CRC is one to beat: they give couples a to-go basket at the end of their wedding, as they’re not always able to eat during the festivities. We love that.

Visit their website at: www.californiarose.com

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