Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spotted: Red Tulip Jewelry, Wedding Jewelry

While cruising down Union Street one day, we stumbled in to Mingle and discovered Red Tulip Jewelry and found it hard not to inquire about the artists behind the line. Friends Yvonne Henry and Claudia Lee began designing jewelry as a creative outlet, designing pieces for the friends and family (lucky!). Encouragement came left and right about them starting a business and without looking back, Red Tulip Jewelry was born.

Soon later, friends began getting married and asking the duo to create unique pieces for their wedding day. Yvonne tells us she was overwhelmed with joy at these offers and now finds herself doing more and more wedding day pieces. “Knowing that the jewelry is providing beauty and joy for the lucky bride’s special day is like I am part of the wedding, a great honor,” she says. Just by looking at her work you can see her inspirations shine through: music, fashion, nature and of course, her loved ones. Yvonne is a designer who truly stands behind her work, custom-designing and creating each piece by hand with her heart chock full of love. Just the way it’s supposed to be, especially for your Big Day. Visit Mingle at 1815 Union Street in San Francisco for a peek of their versatile, every-day pieces or their website at