Monday, October 18, 2010

Spotted: Pacific Puffs, San Francisco

Walking around the Marina and Cow Hollow, you’ll find a plethora of great wedding vendors and treat ideas. We spotted Pacific Puffs recently and couldn’t resist writing about them and their delicious and adorable cream puffs—a great idea for weddings or wedding showers. Brothers Trent and Rhys Carvolth were born and raised in Santa Rosa and developed a taste for desserts at an early age, which they attribute directly to their mother, Noreen. She had perfected her recipe for cream puffs before they were born. Growing up, those puffs were the favorite dessert and always the one that was requested for birthdays and special occasions. Over time, they had achieved a legendary status amongst family and friends. Everyone said she needed to open a shop and bring the puffs to the public. Pacific Puffs pays homage to this family dream and opened its doors on Union Street in October 2009.

About working with brides and grooms for their wedding day, they tell us, “We love doing cream puffs for weddings. Growing up, our Mom's cream puffs were always the sign of a special occasion. For us, serving puffs at a wedding is only natural! Cream puffs are great for weddings as they are a fabulous and decadent dessert, can be prominently displayed in a croquembouch or french wedding cake, and also because they are very unique. It is always fun to have someone come into the shop that has never had a puff before, and we see this happen quite a bit at weddings as well.”

Taking customer service to the next level, they tell us the most inspiring thing for them are their customers. Whether they are seeing someone for the first time, or greeting one of our regular customers, serving people the best possible puff we can make is their true inspiration. Another source of inspiration comes from their kitchen. Trying new things, experiencing new flavors and employing new techniques always keeps them fresh and inspired explaining, Research and development is definitely our favorite part of the baking process!” If you step in to Pacific Puffs or meet with them about creating desserts for your Big Day, you can expect a friendly smile and a commitment to excellence both in service and product. Oh, and you can also expect that those little cream puffs will be the talk of your reception. Try their signature cream puff, The Classic, a freshly-baked pâte à choux pastry puff filled with a light and sweet mixture of vanilla custard and whipped cream, topped with a thick chocolate glaze. Are you drooling yet…?

Run, don’t walk:

Pacific Puffs

2201 Union Street

San Francisco CA



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