Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Julia's Fashion File: Anthropologie Going Bridal in '11

There are few boutiques on the face of this vast planet that have the ability to stop me dead in my tracks for an immediate and epic fit of drooling. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a shopping addict; I wouldn’t need convincing to drop a wad of cash at Office Max if it meant getting something pretty, shiny and new. A store that leaves you breathless, however, is hard to come by. A store like Anthropologie, is a diamond in the rough.

Speaking of diamonds, the newly engaged will now have an excuse to join in on my obsession. Anthropologie has just announced that they’re going to be launching wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and accessories online in Spring 2011. A store that’s focused mainly on delicate and feminine inspired day-wear, it comes not only as a huge surprise but with explosive excitement to learn about such a revelation.

The gowns will cost anywhere from an affordable, $750, to a more extravagant, $5000. Bridesmaid dresses are being sold for as low as $200. Whether you’re looking to spend a prolific amount of money for the perfect dress or have a tighter budget in mind, it appears that there will be something for every variety of bride.

Brides, mark your calendars. Come Spring you’re going to have a whole new set of gorgeous bridal options to weigh in on. Find your very own diamond in the rough; you’ve got the perfect engagement ring, now it’s time for the dress.

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