Thursday, December 30, 2010

Julia's Fashion File: Tamra-Marie Artistry, Bay Area Makeup Artist

Putting your best face forward takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to your wedding day. Your best is no longer “best” enough when you’re walking down the isle, bouquet in hand and train tumbling behind you. All eyes are on you; the most important woman in the room. You’re seeking perfection. Gorgeously coiffed hair is a big piece of the beauty puzzle but your makeup is the crowning glory. Your face is the first thing guests are going to lay their congratulatory eyes on and you can’t just blindly trust anyone to do it the way you envision. Tamra-Marie Artistry may be the inventive hands and long lashes you're looking to lean on.

Having been creatively inspired at a very young age, Tamra-Marie always knew she was artistically inclined. “I would color everything; my doll’s faces, the walls, coloring books – you name it.” However, it wasn’t until later in life that she realized her true passion lay behind glitter and the soft hair of a contoured shadow brush. “After growing completely bored with my cubicle life I leaped in to the creative art world where I could color beyond the lines. Makeup has no rules…it transforms us.”

Drawing inspiration from fashion, art, photography and cinema, Tamra-Marie strives to strike the perfect balance between natural and over-the-top; it can be challenging to find a pallet that stands out without looking heavy. “Makeup should be clean and add fresh elegance to the bride. My signature is to give her an understated look with a pop!” This motto is exactly why so many brides are turning to her; they know they’re going to walk away looking exactly like they dreamed of as a little girl. While we all know that striving for bridal perfection involves much more than the eye shadow swept across your lid, it’s important to recognize its significance. When your big day finally arrives and everyone’s attention is on you, there’s no better feeling than knowing their gaze has fallen on perfectly lined lips, luscious lashes and high cheekbones brushed with rouge. Your 10 year-old self would be tickled pink.

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