Friday, December 3, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: AV Consultants, Wedding & Events Videographer

Excited to feature our first videographer, we met Stu Sweetow of AV Consultants and figured he’d be a great first for us. We asked Stu all about his career and got some great responses. During his college years, he experimented with making movies as abstract art. He also took courses in filmmaking and even won first prize at his university’s film festival. He began working as an AV tech and video producer and went off on his own 25 years ago. AV Consultants was born.

Of all the events Stu enjoys shooting, he tells us, “The bride's procession is frequently emotional; we like to show expressions on family's faces. The minister sometimes has wise words to help couples navigate the rough seas ahead. Sometimes the bride and groom have loving messages to one another, and I love it when the groom gets teary. After the recessional, family and friends all share their joy with the couple. At the reception, I like when grandma and grandpa dance together and I ask them to speak on camera about what they wish for the couple.” Sounds like he’s seen it all!

View two sample videos here.

If you have Stu by your side on your Big Day, you can actually bet he won’t be exactly by your side. Stu says he and his team remain unobtrusive and avoid getting too close. He insists they show shots of their guests rather than only shots of the couple. They get reaction shots from parents during the first dance and father-daughter dance. And obviously, they pay careful attention to audio, during the ceremony and reception, so you can assure all the witty and beautiful sentiments will come through for years of enjoyment (and laughs!).

Stu is constantly learning and improving all he’s learned throughout his career. As a member of the Wedding and Event Videographers Association (WEVA), he screens some amazing wedding videos at conventions and online. Once he gets his main shots during the reception, he says he tries different things, such as tilting the camera unusual ways, holding it way up high over peoples' heads, fooling with the controls to create blur, and other effects. You can count on creativity and utmost professionalism should you book Stu and AV Consultants.

Kudos to his fantastic blog as well. Be sure to check it out. And should you have any concerns, questions or confusions about anything videography-related for your big day, Stu authored this incredibly helpful article. Totally Bridebound approved.

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